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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


OK, so technically it's Daniel's federal student aid form, not mine.

But I'm the one who spent a half hour last night trying to access the dang FAFSA website to do the whole tax info update thing.

Kept getting an "error" message.


So I tried the FAFSA live chat help line.

Now there's some fun for a Monday night after a long, stressful day at work.

"Jane" advised me that the site was experiencing an unscheduled downtime. No idea what the problem was or how long the site would be down.  Just keep trying, Jane typed.

More Grrrrr.

Meanwhile, my husband -- apparently sensing my growing frustration with the FAFSA folks -- was panning for gold in our bathroom.

I kid you not.

There he knelt on his arthritic knees, bending over the bathtub, swirling some gold-bearing sand (from Colorado) in an actual gold-panning pan which he dipped to and fro in a partially filled tote of tap water.

(He always said his hobby might come in handy some day.)

An hour later?  Eureka!  Two miniscule specks of (alleged) gold.  And two very sore knees.

Oh, well. Not to worry.

I'm sure the FAFSA website will be back up and running soon.

Until then?


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