"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity." ~ Gilda Radner

Sunday, February 06, 2011


She was a fun-loving good-natured gal who loved chocolate ice cream -- ate a small cup of it every day -- yet never weighed more than 120 pounds her entire life.

Lived to be 95.

Talkin' about my Gramma Danna.

She's the one in the middle in the stylin' yellow hat. She and her pals at the assisted living facility where she resided were enjoying Kentucky Derby Day.  Donned in their special Derby Day hats, Danna and her peeps were on their way to the rec room to have a cocktail while watching the race on TV. I imagine she enjoyed a few snacks as well.

Yes, Danna (she didn't like to be called "gramma") loved food and was a great cook.  Look at us here, having a chuckle while I chew on a chicken leg prepared by Danna with love.

But for all her cooking and eating and snacking, she always kept her figure.  Moderation, apparently, was the key to her success.

"Cut down, not out," she continually advised me in my 30s. "That's the way to keep your weight down."

I'd nod in agreement, but then go on my merry way trying the latest toothpick-and-water weight loss plan.  Lost weight. Gained it back. Lost weight. Gained it back.

I was a Duncan Dieter.  Major yo-yo.

And look at me now...two pant sizes up since summer.

WWDD? (What Would Danna Do?)

Well, considering it's Super Bowl Sunday and knowing her flair for festivity, I'd like to think Danna would belly up to the dessert bar at halftime for a second helping of chocolate ice cream.

Yup. Pretty sure that's what she would do.

I mean, really.  Cutting down today?  Do I have to? Food is such a big part of the fun on Super Bowl Sunday...John's yummy Velveeta Dip will most likely be calling my name.

No will power.

Which leads me to the one other piece of grandmotherly advice Danna regularly shared with me in my youth.

"Never date Catholic boys," she'd say. "Stick with the Presbyterians. They have better manners."

Didn't follow that advice either.

Fodder for a future blog, perhaps?

In the meantime...

GO GREEN BAY! And pass the pickle roll ups.

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