"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity." ~ Gilda Radner

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Creepin' on my boys...

I get a little teary looking at this picture.

Schwenky and Kulty after The Grand March. Prom 2010. Candyland.

These guys have known each other since they first learned how to play that kids' game...

And now look at them. All grown up and goin' to their junior prom...

Confession: I wasn't much help in the kitchen. I kept wanting to peek out into the dining area and watch my boys in their tuxes, take pictures of them with their dates...just drink it all in.

The best part was the dance, of course. I stood at the doorway of the giant King Kandy's Kastle for the longest time and just watched them all dancing the night away...having fun...just bein' kids...

I couldn't tear myself away...or wouldn't is more like it. At first I was one of several moms trying to catch a glimpse of their sons and daughters making the memories that high school yearbooks are made of. Slowly, one by one, the other moms left. But not me.

Sure, Daniel gave me the subtle, "shoo, mom" signal, but I didn't budge...LOL.

Instead, imitating Schwenky's dad, Larry, I climbed up on a chair and peered over the castle and had an even better view of the boys and their dates tearin' it up on the balloon-laden dance floor.

I just stood there, watching and smiling. I was mesmerized. Ah! Youth!

Of course, my sense of balance no longer being what it once was, I felt myself sway a tish on the chair... and it suddenly occurred to me that one wrong move and I could easily fall forward, down, and onto the dance floor, taking the not-all-that-sturdy King Kandy's Kastle with me and bringing Prom 2010 to an abrupt -- and embarrassing -- halt. And Daniel would never, ever, speak to me again...LOL

OK...maybe it was time to stop creepin' on the boys, and just let them have their night...

I love you, Danny Boy! You too, Schwenky!

Thanks for letting me be part of your teenage man world, if only from afar, and for only for what seemed but a moment.

Please know, however, that it is a moment I will treasure always...

Thursday, April 15, 2010



"If you made more than 10 bucks this year, draw the eye of a newt on line 39a. Next, subtract your great-grandmother's shoe size from the year you were born, add your weight from 1962....put the lesser of the two on line 40. Now bark like a dog. Write "MY F'ING LIFE'S SAVINGS" on line 41a. And that, you poor working class slobs, is what you owe Uncle Sam."

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Do what you love, the money will follow, they say. And if you are really lucky, I suppose, fame and glory might tag along, too.

I broach this subject because I had a very interesting conversation Saturday evening with someone who, indeed, has done what he loves for, as he says, forever. And yes, he gets paid. But as for fame and glory?

Not a concern for Andy Fleming, singer/songwriter for the band Brother Trucker.

I first heard Brother Trucker perform at Doug and Michael's Old School Pub here in town just about a year ago. Live music in Podunk? Practically unheard of at the time, and the place was packed.

Tonight, after spending the day up to my eyeballs in dust and black mold cleaning out my basement, at the urging of my friends Cindy and Diana, I decided to go hear Brother Trucker again at The Pub...

Not as packed as it was a year ago at this time...but according to Andy, it was still a great time and they were sincerely glad to be here. You can just tell by talking to Andy that he really loves what he does.

And the best part -- one of several best parts, actually -- is that I didn't have to plunk down $325 to meet and greet Brother Trucker and hear their awesome music -- mainly all their own, great, original stuff. I just waltzed right in -- no cover charge -- sat right down, and during their breaks, gabbed with them.

You gotta love life in a small town...

Well, you don't GOTTA...but you do meet some of the most interesting, passionate-about-their-craft people in small town Iowa when you are least expecting it.

As a writer, I so get the compelling need to do what you love...that is why I blog. Sure, I gotta keep my day job 'cuz blogging -- at this point, anyway -- doesn't pay the bills or supply health insurance. And newspaper reporting - which I dedicated 20-some years of my life to -- well, I've been there, done that, even had my own weekly newspaper. But that wonderful little newspaper, after an almost three-year run, was pretty much my swan song from the daily paid grind of the newspaper biz...

I love blogging because for me, it's like having my own newspaper column (what I always wanted to do, and did do for awhile) -- be it daily or weekly or monthly. My blog is what I want to make it. On my timelines, my own deadlines. I always give each blog post my best shot. I just don't make any money at it.

I have my regular followers, though. And thanks to the internet, people from all over the world have visited my blog (mostly unintentionally via a Google search, perhaps, but visitors nonetheless). Several have taken the time to comment, to share how a particular blog post has made them laugh, or cry, or think. And maybe, just maybe, that IS enough...

Granted, I may not be famous like my fellow Ohio University classmate, The Today's Show's Matt Lauer, or even well known in these parts like another OU grad, Des Moines' KCCI TV anchor Cynthia Fodor. But truly, in the big scheme of things, what does that matter?

I am doing what I love! I am writing! It's my passion!

And thanks to Andy and Brother Trucker, I'm even more inspired now to keep on bloggin'.

You see, I read on Brother Trucker's FB page that, indeed, the band's goals do not focus on fame and glory. "The biggest goal is always to do our music as well as it can be presented," Andy is quoted as saying.

I'm with Andy: fame-schmame.

I blog, therefore, I am.

Thanks, Andy! It was great to see --and hear -- you again.