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Friday, February 04, 2011


Heard a rumor.

Hope it's true.

They say you can buy Psssssst again. At Walgreens.

You remember Pssssst...the instant dry shampoo spray that we all used in junior high/high school when we just didn't have time to wash our hair with our fave liquid stuff (like Lemon Up, perhaps, or Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific.)

We'd just "psssssst", fluff, brush and go!  Just like Susan Dey showed us how to do. Greasies gone in seconds.

A hair care miracle.

I do recall one evening back in my youth, however, when the Psssssst can was empty. Desperate, I grabbed some Evening In Paris bath powder and dumped some on my head.

Figured all powders worked the same on greasy hair, right?


Worth the risk?
Not only did my hair look weird, I was one Smelly Nelly.

Can't remember if Psssssst was scented back in the day. The modern version is supposed to be unscented. I did read one review, however, where a woman claims that if you use Psssssst and then sweat, your hair emits an odor akin to a wet, albeit well-coiffed, canine.

Certainly a risk to be weighed.

Remember: less is more
Of course, you can always play it safe and brush a little sweet-smelling baby powder through your oily locks. Works the same as Psssssst but with no threat of perfume de pooch.

Use too much of either, of course, and you chance your hair resembling that of Grandma Addams.

Oh, the gamble! And all for the sake of convenience.

Guess I'll be headin' for Walgreens ASAP.  Can't wait to purchase some Psssssst. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Ann, I've read that the Vermont Country Store stocks not only PSSSSST, but Lemon Up as well. And also, a shampoo they claim is exactly the same as the original Herbal Essence.

I dunno...but if they come up with one that's EXACTLY the same as Wella Balsam...I'm there!

Great post, girl...you've got a new follower here!

Annie said...

Thanks, Scrappy! Appreciate your following! Wasn't Lemon Up grand? I'd love a bottle of Love's Rain Scent -- the original. I ordered some thru Amazon once -- or so I thought. I think it was the real thing, indeed -- and about that old -- alcohol had settled out. Live and learn. But from what I can tell, that Vermont Country Store has every fond marketing memory from our youth...