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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Menopause is a methodical marauder.

First it embezzles your estrogen, then makes off with your memory, heists your hair and loots your libido.

Next, it kidnaps your kegels (pronunced KAY-guls), your pelvic floor collapses, and suddenly you can no longer sneeze without soiling your slacks.

From Kotex to Poise in a mere bat of your thinning eyelashes.

Are laughter and urinary incontinence your constant companions these days?

If so, my darlings, it's time to tune up that pubococcygeus (PC muscle for short).

And with spring just around the corner, now might be the perfect time to organize your neighborhood Kegels and Bagels Exercise/Support Group.

Easy set-up:

Gather as many peri-, post- and currently menopausal pals with lawn chairs that can fit in your backyard on a warm spring/summer morning/afternoon. (Don't forget the sunscreen.)

Each woman brings her own bagel and beverage, relaxes in her respective lawn chair, enjoys a healthy breakfast/lunch and good conversation, all the while -- unbeknownst to the neighbors --  effortlessly workin' those kegels.

That's the endearing beauty of kegel exercises, ladies.  They can be done anytime, anywhere.

While brushing your teeth and flossing...while standing in the grocery line, sitting at work or waiting at a traffic light...and of course, while visiting The Ladies Room.
Kegel while you wait

Maybe try a few kegel reps while Facebooking. (And they say FB is a time waster...ha!)

Why, I am strengthening my PC muscle even as I blog. 

Please note:  While kegel exercises are easy (squeeze, hold, release) and non-time consuming (one good kegel workout takes 10 minutes tops), remembering to do your kegels frequently is key when attempting to prop up that pelvic floor.

For more specifics on kegel exercises, consult Google. 

Meanwhile, call all your pee-ps and start planning that first Kegels and Bagels get-together.

Who knew that preventing pelvic prolapse could be so much fun?!?!

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