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Saturday, January 08, 2011


Pancakes from a can?

Am I the last person on earth to discover Batter Blaster?

There I was, meandering through the dairy section of our hometown Frohlich's Super Valu -- we call it "The Fro" -- and what to my wandering eyes should  appear but a rather large, bright, golden-pancake colored can that at first glance I could have sworn said, "Blatter Blaster".

"Great alliteration, but what the heck is that?" I thought to myself. "It looks like a can of whipped cream, but..."

A closer inspection introduced me to what I can only describe, at first blush, as the best dang invention since  boil-in-bag lasagna!

I mean, whodathunk?  Pancake and waffle batter...in a can?


"Just Blast Batter into a Skillet or Waffle Iron and Serve," read the small headline at the bottom. "No Mess -- No Cleanup!"

I am assuming, of course, that  one must exert themselves and actually cook said blast of batter in a skillet or waffle iron before serving.

(And, technically,  from a headline writing perspective, the word "into" should be capitalized, so I am thinking about writing the good folks at Blatter Blaster and asking for a job, as they apparently could use a copy editor.)

But hey!  Not gonna look an apparent culinary gift horse too far in the mouth.

Ohhhhhhh no.

And the stuff is organic to boot. Gotta be good for ya!

Just read the ingredients:

Filtered water, organic wheat flour (unbleached), organic cane sugar, organic eggs, sodium lactate to prohibit spoilage, organic soybean powder, leavening, sea salt, organic rice bran extract and propellant.

Propellant? Hmmm...

Aw, hell, who cares!  I'm in!

I couldn't wait to get home and show John my new purchase. I could barely contain myself!

"Honey, you are NOT going to believe what I found at The Fro!" I called out as I burst through the back door into the kitchen, cradling the Batter Blaster in my arms. "Pancakes in a CAN!"

John, of course, was busy throwing together one of his typical quick Friday night suppers...Turkey Kiev, Spinach Moulds with Tomato Dressing, and Upside Down Pear Pudding.

"Pancakes in a can, huh?" John said, not looking up, as he carefully cut some butter into four finger-shaped pieces, placed each crosswise in the middle of a turkey cutlet, and then sprinkled them with a little orange rind and cloves.

"That is good news," he added, as he pulled the Upside Down Pear Pudding out of the oven to cool. "Serve those canned pancakes with your recently mastered egg-in-a-cup, add a side of microwave bacon -- your other specialty -- and voila!  A three-course breakfast!"


Well, off to give Batter Blaster a whirl!

Bon Appetit!

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