"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity." ~ Gilda Radner

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


There are, I've decided, two types of people in this world...

Those that recognize, appreciate and enjoy the little things in life -- i.e., the snippets of  happiness and splendor we are blessed with daily -- and those who don't.

And for my second 40 Days of Writing challenge, which begins today (thank goodness), I am determined to be more the former and less the latter.

Yup. Gonna try to capture the small pieces of contentment, beauty and life's meaning found all around me and share it in my daily writing. The stuff we often take for granted and lose sight of while focusing on or worrying about the bigger, seemingly impossible, picture.

For instance, Tuesday. Sat on the front porch after work, basking in the warm and wonderful late afternoon sun instead of burying myself in my attic room dozing, checking Facebook and whatnot.

Across the street, sweet Summer Rose, my neighbor's young granddaughter, played joyously with her adorable puppy. Not a care in the world, those two...so refreshing.

A mama robin and her little one hopped about the bottom step of our porch...neighbors walked their babies up the street in strollers...tiny yet powerful reminders that contrary to what some emotionally challenging days -- and nights -- feel like, life does go on.

A glimpse here. A taste there. An unforgettable scent. A friendly blue sky's sudden appearance after the gathering of seemingly endless rain clouds. A reassuring smile amid the furrowed brows of  impatience and misunderstanding.

Look around. Listen. Never lose the music. Embrace chance.  Share stories. Remember. Remain mindful of the impermanence of all things. So much to be thankful for. Even if brief and fleeting. 

Gotta gather ye snippets while ye may, baby, cuz Karma can be a bitch.

Yes, it's as if I have been secluded in an underground tunnel for several weeks since the last 40 Days of Writing Challenge ended...one path, from bed to work and back to bed. Tethered to a computer keyboard and screen sometimes during the interim, yes, but creating in the end relatively little for the long haul, save frustration. And, at times, acute emptiness.


Musn't dwell on that.

Instead, must go and do. Stretch a little. Move. Laugh. Live. And above all else, WRITE!

Welcome back, my fellow wordsmiths!

Here's to 40 Days of Writing, Part II!

Let's do this!

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