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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


The chance to sit down to dinner on May 10 with President Barack Obama and George Clooney?

Yes, please!

I threw my name -- and yet another donation -- in the "Obama, Clooney and You" dinner sweepstakes online hat today with just hours to go before the midnight entry deadline.

I also ordered a TEAM 2012 t-shirt.

Would it be a fashion "don't" to wear the t-shirt to the dinner?

Suppose so.

Apparently, George resides in a gated craftsman-style estate at the top of a secluded canyon east of Beverly Hills.

Yikes-a-roni! What in the world would I wear?
What if they really do draw my name? What if they really do fly me and a friend to Los Angeles to dine with The Prez and Cloonster? What the hell would I say?

"George, dahling, please be a dear and pass the pickles."

I could, of course, let George know that I remember his dad, Nick Clooney, from his Cincinnati television days.

But I'd be totally awestruck and tongue-tied while dining with President Barack Obama. Either that or I'd start babbling out of nervousness.

"Barack, dahling, you have a smidge of salad dressing on your upper lip."

Or worse yet, I'd probably slurp my soup.
Me and my buddy, Bono
Not that I haven't already had plenty of brushes with famous people in my life.  Jessica Lange (a bit of a snob), Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Sam Walton, Bono.

But to dine with President Barack Obama and George Clooney at George's house?

Oh, be still my heart!

Sure, I could plunk down the $38,500 it's gonna cost non-winners to attend this once-in-a-lifetime gala event. Any schmo can do THAT. Much more exciting to win the sweepstakes.

Hey, a simple, soup-slurping Iowa girl can dream, can't she?

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