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Saturday, June 30, 2012



Shock and despair! I am reeling at the news that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing!

...said absolutely no one, ever.

Except maybe the gossip mongers at Inside Edition or the Hollywood drama-inducers at TMZ...

Yes, there I was last evening, enjoying the massage chair and a pedicure at Pretty Nails in Carroll, when I caught the announcement on the flat screen. And though the hum of that awesome massage chair had me all but kneaded to sleep, I am pretty sure I heard the word "reeling" used to describe the public's reaction to the, um, "news".

TomKat is calling it quits, huh? After a whole five years?


Is there anyone who didn't see this coming the day they were married at that ridiculous castle?

Though the whole couch-jumping marriage proposal euphoria displayed on Oprah back in '05 by the shorter of the now-split TomKat duo --- that would be Tom -- shoulda served as a red flag.

Just a little too over-the-top.  Constantly. They always just seemed to be trying too hard to convince us all that they were sooooo in love.

Plus all the Scientology stuff...Katie never seemed all that into it...probably just looked at it as the sacrifice one makes when given the opportunity to marry the man of one's dreams, as she once gushed he was.

Wonder how long it actually took for Kat's "OMG, I'm finally Mrs. Cruise!" dreams to poof into thin air?  I mean, she didn't just decide to file for divorce the day the lawyers announced it and begged for the former Public Display Of Affection Poster Couple's privacy as they sort out their millions. It had to be brewing inside Katies heart for a while...

And then there's precious little Suri, TomKat's young daughter. Most likely a therapist's couch in her future, regardless of the split.


But enough about Tom and Katie.

That is one ugly jacket, Matty.
What about Matt Lauer and Ann Curry? 

Not a romantic couple, but they were the Morning Duo on the Today Show till Ann was apparently booted from that coveted seat next to Matt's and replaced by some new gal (with an annoying Doublemint Gum twin smile) whom I have never heard of...

Not that I ever watch morning TV anymore...it can be so schlocky. 

There have been hints I guess, that Ann and Matt lacked on-air chemistry. That possibly ratings were down, etc., etc. All I really know is what I've picked up in snippets here and there on Facebook.

Whatever the reason, what I truly was shocked to see on the TV at Pretty Nails last night was Ann Curry -- a serious TV news reporter once upon a time --  all upset and crying on camera, bemoaning her Today Show demotion. (At least I think that's what Anne was bawling about -- it was hard to hear above the whirrrrrrr of the Dremel tool grinding away at my cuticles.)

ACK!  Rally, woman!

Matt Lauer Schmauer. I went to college with Matty. Pfft. Where in the world is Matt Lauer? Who cares?

Frankly, I think he's overrated...said no NBC network executive ever.

Nevertheless, Ann! Dry your eyes, put on the Big Girl Pants and move on with whatever shard of self respect you can muster! You are so much better than that!


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