"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity." ~ Gilda Radner

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


No, not even me, a peon Iowa blogger chick.

Nor my dream band man, Justin Hayward.

Though, unlike me, I doubt very much that Mr. Hayward spends an hour each morning "putting on his face", i.e., washing his face with Clean and Clear Pore Perfecting Cleanser, followed by a generous slathering of ROC Complete Lift Serum upon said face, followed by a couple of healthy dabs of ROC Multi Correction Eye Treatment under and around the eyes, followed by another slathering of Clean and Clear Pore Perfecting Moisturizer (SPF 15), and then several more dottings of various and sundry concealers and eye brightners...and FINALLY...a shmear of Revlon Photo Ready liquid makeup, a little eye shadow, voluminous lash-building mascara, eyeliner, some blush, and....

My God, no wonder I am late for work almost every day!

I mean, you throw in the whole daily shower/hair regimen -- the anti-cellulite body scrub, the shampoo for color treated hair, the extra volume mousse, the super hold hair spray...yowsa!

It's amazing I make it to work at all!

Did I mention the teeth brightener gel that I add to my regular anti-cavity/tartar/plaque toothpaste after slamming back a healthy breakfast shake made of Spiru-Tein high protein energy powder, skim milk and Greek yogurt, a chaser of GNC Be Wholesome Health and Beauty Vitapak Dietary Supplement For Women on the side?

Note the words "For Women."

What it should say, of course, is "For Aging Baby Boomer Women Over The Age Of 40 Holding On To What's Left Of Their Fleeting (or, in my case, done-flet) Youth By Their Crows' Feet And/Or The Flabby Skin Of Their Yellowing Teeth."

But if all the anti-aging products marketed for us older women actually said THAT, we would never buy all those perfecting moisturizers, lifting serums, and other "correcting" eye creams that promise to visibly diminish dark circles and wrinkles for more "luminous" eyes.

Why, while John and I watched a couple of hours of the NCIS marathon on the USA channel recently, every freaking commercial was hawking a magic potion of some kind guaranteed to make us old gals look 18 again.

Eighteen? Ha! I'd be happy with 48.

"So which face are you putting on this morning?" John jokes as I slowly climb the stairs into my attic dressing room each morning...a cuppa very strong, very caffeinated joe in one arthritic hand, my "Menopause Sucks" book in the other.

Once alone in front of my vanity mirror, I take both my hands and pull my saggy little face back as tight as I can and I see once again-- if for only a brief second -- the taut, wrinkle-free young thing I used to be.

Then I let go of my face, and voila! I'm Grandmama Addams! Yikes-a-roni!

When did all my facial elasticity snap? When did my eyelids begin to droop? Where did my eyelashes go? Funny, I don't remember anyone yelling, "Last call! Estrogen!" That's probably because I had my Moody Blues 33 RPM vinyl album blaring from my stereo most of my teenage years, which might explain the tinnitus in my left ear today...

Yes, some of us grow old gracefully, and some of us do not. But eventually, if we are fortunate, we all age. And with age comes wisdom...and we realize, at last, that true beauty comes from within...

Nevertheless, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do when she has a chance to meet one of the more gracefully aging rock icons of her long-ago youth...especially when the concert is a mere three days after her (gulp) 35th high school class reunion...

So many years to erase, so little time!

Stay tuned!


Justin Fan 1 said...

Hi Annie, it's me again! Just wanted to say a couple of things. First, I'm glad you enjoyed my comments and yes, we are very much on the same Justin/Moody Blues page. Although I think I'm a bit older than you. But we won't talk about that. :-) Anyway, Justin doesn't have blue eyes; they are violet!!!! Even better, huh??? And as for what to wear, I had high hopes of getting to see him for a few minutes on the Florida part of this current tour but that didn't happen. But for each concert, I wore either black or blue slacks and a pretty blouse. Or if you want, you can wear a nice dress. If you have the shape for it, you can wear a Moody Blues T-shirt but they are always so big on me, I look like a tent!!! LOLOL!!! I wish they made them in ladies' sizes so they would have a shape!!! I am so looking forward to hearing about your experience. I'm planning on seeing them at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ in July and I'm excited about that too. Good luck, Annie!!!

Arline in Florida

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying your countdown to the Moody Blues concert. Your blogs are a delight !! I must be about your same age because I can relate to everything you said today about the joys of aging and the 'counter-measures" we sometimes employ to hang onto our youth.

I knew I was going to meet Justin Hayward some years ago and I went through many of the same thoughts as you're having. But all my plans and preparations fell flat when I got so busy working backstage that I did not have time to go home and change before the Moody Blues arrived backstage a few hours before the concert. There I was in ratty old jeans and a none too clean t-shirt - hair not done, forget about the makeup.

But it was a delight and a thrill none the less.

And I recently had the chance to see the band in Dallas where they did two concerts with the Dallas Symphony. It was brilliant and they were better than ever. They tour the US every year....sometimes two tours each year - so you should be able to relax and enjoy every minute without thinking this is your last chance.

Have a blast !


Annie said...

So, Arline! Our man Justin has violet eyes? Well, I'll be darned! LOL That IS even more mysterious! Frankly, I wouldn't be caught dead in a dress right now...lol...I'm sure it will be jeans and a shirt of some sort...actually, I would love to be able to catch the Moody Blues in Cincinnati a few days before my class reunion, and then AGAIN when I return to Iowa...but my work sched just doesn't work out that way...can one go to too many MB concerts? I think not! Thanks for stopping by -- keeping coming back. Taking a break tonite from blogging...invite your friends! Take care! Have a great weekend!


Annie said...

Jan! Thanks for your encouragement! I do love to write and I have been on a blogging hiatus of sorts for many reasons, but my upcoming Moody Blues adventure has inspired me apparently! It is amazing to me as I hear from more and more MB fans, and meet more people in the fan community, to discover that there really are so many, many MB fans out there who feel the same way I do! So how was it that you were working backstage? That is a job I would love to try if only for one concert, if only to be able to write about it! How exciting! Come back and visit The Home Stretch often! I have only just begun!!!!! Take care! It is so much fun to have others with whom I can share the MB/Justin excitement!