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Thursday, March 11, 2010

And So Begins My Journey To Meet Justin...

...as in Hayward.

As in The Moody Blues.

Yes, against my better financial judgment, but at my husband's urging, I dipped into our meager rainy day emergency fund and pledged a hunk of it to Iowa Public Television earlier this week just so I can have two tickets to the upcoming Moody Blues concert in Des Moines -- and a chance to "meet and greet" the band.

And it is all Facebook's fault.

Oh, yes, my friends! There I was, just sitting innocently at my computer, creeping along, seeing who posted what the past couple of days...and something over in the ad sidebar caught my eye. Egads!

"Moody Blues are on Iowa Public Television Wednesday night! They will be in concert in Des Moines in June! Learn how you can meet them backstage! "

Seriously? Wow!

So I tuned in and by golly, there they were! It was a concert from 10 years ago...but what the heck! There was Justin! My menopausal heart skipped a beat! And then it flashed on the screen -- for only a rather hefty chunk of change I could not only score a couple of concert tickets AND invest in Iowa Public Television, but I could snag a backstage pass to meet and greet the band, too!

And I better hurry cuz they only had a few of THOSE tickets, and they were surely going to go fast!

Holy Nights In White Satin, Batman!

Meeting Justin Hayward has been at the top of my bucket list for sometime...and here was my chance! So what if I'd have to sell pencils on the street corner for the next umpteen years to pay for the pledge...if it meant meeting JUSTIN HAYWARD!

"Go ahead and call," said my husband. "It may be your last chance to see them before they enter the nursing home..."

Seriously? It's OK with my husband if I do this? WOW!

Alrighty then.

And so I dialed. And a nice IPTV volunteer lady answered the phone -- I could see her on TV as we chatted.

"First of all, not to be a doubting Thomasina, but do I really get to meet the band?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied. "You really do!"

Seriously? WOW!

Of course she also asked me if I would be interested in including IPTV in my will.

"Uh, no, ma'am, " I said, with a chuckle. "After what I just pledged so I can meet and greet the Moody Blues, there isn't any money left for anybody in my will...."

Now, as I write, I have yet to actually see any confirmation from IPTV that I will be meeting and greeting the Moody Blues' back-up singers let alone Justin Hayward. I am expecting an email any day now...

Meanwhile, I have spent the better part of this evening perusing -- some might call it swooning over -- every video of Justin and the boys that I can find online...listening to every song...and posting my faves on my FB profile page. I'm actually flushed and and a tish warm...

Is that from thinking about meeting Justin or just another hot flash? Hard to say...

All I know is that 13 weeks from now, all things being equal, I will get to meet THE MOODY BLUES!


"I think you may need a support group," my friend, Sara, commented underneath one of the posted videos.

She would know. As would her mom, Wava, and my friend Mary...and yes, my husband, John, as well. They have all attended a Moody Blues concert with me at some time in the past.

Three and a half months and counting...

Perhaps I should pace myself!

Stay tuned!

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