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Monday, March 22, 2010

On The Threshold Of An Impossible Dream?

Meet and Greet...

According to Merriam Webster Online, "meet and greet" is a noun, meaning, and I quote, "a reception at which a public figure (as a politician or rock star) socializes (my emphasis) with press members and other guests.

According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English,"meet and greet" means, "an event that is organized for famous musicians, writers, artists etc to meet and talk (my emphasis) to their fans."

A simple equasion, really: "Meet", i.e. to be introduced to, plus "Greet", i.e., to welcome in a friendly and respectful way, equals "to be introduced to and welcome in a friendly and respectful way."

Example: Ann, a financially struggling writer and diehard Moody Blues fan from rural Iowa, was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to introduce herself to lead singer Justin Hayward and welcome him and the band to Des Moines during an after-concert meet-and greet June 29 in return for her rather generous (for her meager income bracket) $325 pledge to Friends of Iowa Public Television.

From what folks at MOODYBLUESTODAY.COM (the official Moody Blues fan community) are telling me, however, "meet and greet" may be just a teeny-weeny bit of a misnomer. "Look and leave" might be a more apt description:

"A few went to a 'meet and greet' at the Borgata in 2007. We dubbed it a 'line and sign'. At that point, it felt like we were lined up before a firing squad but the band was cordial, accepted hand shakes, kisses (by a lucky person), etc. Since then, it has been "no talking, no touching, no autographs" just a photo with the band. Don't know how a new one will go..."

"A 'meet and greet' would have to be PBS as Backstage/Onstage and Storyteller packages don't include photos with the band, etc. The same conundrum (not touching, handshakes etc.) still holds true with 'private' meetings after the show...at least in Nashville. No, I wasn't there but heard about it."

"Perhaps a PBS meet and greet? Last year there was no touching and no autographs allowed at them."

Oh, reaaallllly?

No talking? Seriously? Not even a "Howdy hi, boys! Welcome to the tall corn state!"? No touching, i.e., no handshakes? No autographs? What's left to look forward to? A stolen glance from 1,000 paces?

"How long till the concert?" my hub asked the other night as I was indignantly pondering this new "no talking, no touching, no autographs" info from fellow MB fans.

"Three," I replied.

"Time enough to learn how to sign 'I love you, Justin!' before they whisk you off the stage," he dryly offered.

"Funny honey," I shot back, all the while Googling "does Justin Hayward know sign language"...

But seriously, folks...I am 53 years old. Meeting Justin Hayward has been at the top of my bucket list for a long time. And I was told that for my pledge of $325 I would, indeed, get to meet and greet the band.

I've always read how much The Moody Blues' fans mean to them...well, the IPTV meet-and-greet at the Des Moines Civic Center would be the perfect place for the band to put my hard-earned money where their collective mouth is.

Or am I just standing on the threshold of an impossible dream?

Won't know till I ask, I guess. I feel a letter to IPTV coming on...

Stay tuned...


JustinFan1 said...

Annie, I can't wait to hear Part II of your story. Last year, I spent six months of my life putting together a photo/scrapbook of Justin's life from the time he was about seven years old until the present. Everyone who has seen it has said that it definitely was a work of love. I have tried every way I can think of to get to see Mr. Hayward so he can autograph it. Even went to one of the Storyteller Packages and showed my book to the girls from Moody Blues Today. They seemed impressed with it and said they would ask him to autograph it. But has he done it yet? A big NO!!! I'm still waiting for my dream to happen. I hope yours has a much happier result than mine has so far.

Annie said...

Hello again, JustinFan1! And thanks for your encouragement! I must say you really have gone the extra mile for ol' Justin...heck, I still have about 40 rolls of undeveloped film from my son's 4th thru 10th birthdays stashed about the house...I can't imagine the time you spent on that scrapbook! I do hope your dream comes true. I just want to meet him, if only for a moment. OK, and maybe if he would just autograph my old, moldy Moody Blues Greatest Hits album cover from back in the 70s...LOL. Keep the faith! One never knows!