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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rocker Clothes? Whew! Taffeta Makes Me Itch...

I asked for it! I got it!

A huge "thank you" to Susan Moritz, president of the Iowa Public Television Foundation, and Arline In Florida, aka JustinFan1, for not only stopping by The Home Stretch, but for taking the time to comment and share Moody Blues meet-and-greet fashion tips and other valuable MB insight on my earlier blog posts (see below)!

Imagine my surprise!

(Whoa! Susan Moritz read my blog? And commented? I better get that pledge check in the mail pronto!)

Anyway, here is what Ms. Moritz had to say:

I hesitate to call myself a fashionista but have been to a few meet and greets! I've been enjoying your blog about the Moody Blues. For a meet and greet, one wears what you would wear to a concert. The band wears their rocker clothes and most of the crowd does as well."
~ Susan Moritz, President, Iowa Public Television Foundation

Rocker clothes? Whew! Taffeta makes me itch. Thanks, again, Susan! I hope I get to meet you, too!

I was equally surprised and pleased to see that Arline In Florida added her two cents' worth:

Annie, you are in for such a treat!! And the best part is that you realize The Moody Blues, and Justin, have aged just like the rest of us. I just finished attending six of their concerts in Florida and they are WONDERFUL!!! Yes, Justin has a new wrinkle or two and he does wear glasses (mostly in private) but he still sings like an angel and almost looks as good as he did in his youth. I've been in love with him on and off for 36 years now so I know how you feel. Just one thing, though--in most of the Meet and Greets I've heard about, all you got to do was have a photo taken with the group--there was no actual meeting or greeting. So don't get your hopes up too high and if something better happens for you (which I hope it does) then you will have a pleasant surprise!!! Enjoy your concert, Annie!! They are THE best rock band that ever graced a stage!!
~ JustinFan1--aka Arline in Florida

Oh, Arline! You and I are SO on the same Justin/Moody Blues page! I promise you, sister, I will enjoy the concert! And a group photo is fine by me, though in my heart of hearts, for $325 hard-earned dollars -- and if it's promoted as a "meet and greet" -- I would hope, nay, pray, that the event might include just that...a simple, friendly "hello" between icon rocker and faithful fan...maybe a quick smile or a hardy handshake...a scribbled autograph on the back of a torn ticket stub perhaps?

Such are the wildest dreams of the everyday rural Iowa housewife/diehard Moody Blues fan...

Only time will tell...

Stay tuned...

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