"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity." ~ Gilda Radner

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Five days till I'm back home in Cincinnati, and already I'm struggling with what to eat first.

Skyline? Frisch's? LaRosa's? White Castle? What flavor of Graeter's Ice Cream?

Yes, these are the questions that keep me up nights.


Skyline Chili it is!  Clearly the best first choice.

Skyline Cheese Coney and a 3-Way

A cheese coney with mustard, no onion, and a 3-Way, please.

But wait!  Do we dine at the Skuh-leen-ee (our pet name for Skyline) in Blue Ash or Kenwood?

That's easy-peasy.

Kenwood!  That was the only Skyline we knew back in the day. After basketball games. Or other extracurricular activities. Memories light the corner of my oyster cracker bowl.

It's really a toss-up after Skyline.

White Castle Sliders
Could love me a Frisch's Big Boy, fries, extra tartar sauce on the side (for dipping my fries) --  and a Coke --  just as much as a bag of those adorably tiny square Whitey Castelle (Cuh-stell) hamburgers, affectionately referred to as "sliders".

Nah. That's a small white lie.

Frisch's Big Boy
Push come to shove, I do love my Big Boy with extra tartar sauce more than a White Castle slider.

Why?  ITTSS   (It's The Tartar Sauce Silly.)

Best damn tartar sauce you'll ever taste. And on a burger no less.  Don't try to analyze it, just enjoy. Invokes so many memories for me -- going to Frisch's with my big sis in her convertible in the summer...the car hops waiting on us at Frisch's Mainliner in Mariemont...ahhhh.

As for LaRosa's?  Fine Italian dining, and it's where my old boyfriend Bob Garner used to take me all the time in his shiny red Nova. Oh, yeah. It's not a "must have" for me, but I certainly wouldn't say no if someone wanted to go there.

Yummy Graeter's Ice Cream

And truly, any flavor of Graeter's ice cream is superb. May have to go there twice. Yummy.

Five days!  Only five days till I'm back home in Cincinnati!

Licking my lips...

There's no tastes like home!

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