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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


...but this was more of a blue-green really.

And it appeared mysteriously, not all over my head, but just at the tips of my hair strands, about two hours after I got out of  Linda's pool, showered, moussed, went to Frisch's, ate a Big Boy, fries, some extra tartar sauce, and slurped down a Diet Coke.

Imagine my surprise! Shock!  Dismay!

All the summers I have had my hair highlighted before my Cincy vacay, and all the hours logged in Linda's pool, and NEVER has my hair turned green!


"Um, Linda...look st my hair!  What the hell?"

Linda's eyes grew rather large!

Frisch's Brawny Lad
"Did you see this at Frisch's and not tell me?" I squealed, imagining the worst...Linda, Michael and their daughter, Michelle, kicking each other under the table, trying not to chortle at my Frisch's hair fashion faux paux while I unknowingly munched away on my tartar-sauce laden burger.


She swore on a Frisch's Brawny Lad my hair was not green while we ate.

Hmmm...maybe I've grown allergic to Frisch's tartar sauce?

At any rate, we had a good laugh, she Googled "green swimming hair" or something to that effect ( I don't know, I was cowering in a corner), and saved the day by whipping up a pasty concoction of baking soda and water and applying it to my green, er, blue-green tresses.

And voila!  A few minutes later, the blue-green was gone!

But I ain't takin' any chances!  It's a good old fashioned bathing cap for me! 



But man we howled just picturing it!

And the Cincy vacay adventure continues...

Stay tuned!

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