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Friday, July 06, 2012


The text from my son, Daniel, was priceless.

"Oh good. Joe Biden wants to buy me a cup of coffee."

"How much will that cost you?" I texted back.



And I mean I actually laughed out loud.

Then I checked my email and of course, like all ardent supporters of President Barack Obama in his re-election bid, I, too, had been invited to chip in for a chance for a cuppa joe with Joe.

Subject: I want to buy you a cup of coffee

Ann -- Want to have a cup of coffee sometime soon?

I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about, but mainly I just want to say thanks for helping out.

Oh, Joe, you sweet talker.

Only my java invite from Joe suggested that a $10 donation -- or whatever I can give to help grow Obama's grassroots  campaign -- will automatically enter me for a chance to "come hang out" with flight, hotel and coffee on them.

And I can bring a guest. Yay!

I immediately got ahold of my favorite "If I win a dinner date with Barack Obama, I'm taking you as my guest" co-worker, Terri C., and excitedly informed her we now have a chance to hang out with Joe Biden over a cup of coffee, but I'd need a little financial assistance with the $10 donation.

Smilin' Joe Biden with coffee pot

After all, I told her, I am still recovering from my $20 long shot at winning a chance to eat dinner with Barack and George Clooney a few months earlier (sadly, a failed gamble),  not to mention my $30 donation for a Team 2012 T-shirt, and about another $200 or so donated over the past several months before all this crazy Obama dinner raffle stuff started hitting my email every other day.

Dinner with the Prez and Sara Jessica Parker...Dinner with Barack and Michelle....a seat on the campaign bus...and now...coffee with Joe Biden.

Thanks for the coffee, Joe
"Does Joe realize he'll be flying me there in  a pair of ripped sweat pants, a tank top,  no bra, my hair up in a scrunchie and smeared eye makeup?" Terri inquired. "Cuz that's usually what I'm wearing, what I look like, when I drink my coffee."

Hmm. She had a point.

"Wouldn't it be more financially prudent for the campaign if, instead of flying us in to have coffee and putting us up in a hotel there, he just hopped in his car and he drove here?" I said. "He can stay at my house for free."

I'd turn on the ol' Mr. Coffee coffee maker, and the three of us could enjoy some freshly ground brew in a couple of chipped Christmas coffee mugs while sitting out on the wooden front porch swing. He could tell us his financial worries, we could tell him ours...

Or better yet, we'll buzz down to Sperry's One Stop, grab a couple of Styrofoam cups filled with steaming hot coffee and then, since the booths aren't installed yet, we can sit outside along Highway 141 with a large pail marked "CAMPAIGN DONATIONS" in big red, white and blue letters.  Drivers can toss in their spare change as they speed by.

Terri's fave, minty hot chocolate
Terri thought that sounded like fun, but she still wasn't convinced she wanted to pitch in $5 for a chance to win a cuppa joe with Joe.

"Frankly, I prefer hot chocolate," she said. "With whipped cream and a sprig of fresh mint."


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