"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity." ~ Gilda Radner

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fiddler On The Blog

Nero wasn't fiddling while Rome burned.

He was blogging.

Blogging is so addictive. And fulfilling. So fulfilling, that I left my son to forage for food for himself and two friends pretty much for two days while I locked myself in my attic writing room and designed yet another blog. When I finally emerged from my blogging stupor, stumbling down the attic steps bleary-eyed from adding site counters and the like to this site and my new one, I discovered, lo and behold, that a small earthquake had erupted in my kitchen.

Open egg cartons, empty juice containers/half-full Gatorade bottles, dirty plates, baking dish with burnt chocolate chip bread remants, smelly socks, crumpled napkins...thank God school is starting in less than a week.

What's that old saying? If it weren't for schools, insane asylums would be filled with a lot more mothers.

Oh yeah.

Anyway, my new blog is news related, and has a lot to do with a rebirth of sorts, of finding my true passion (no, not Johnny Depp) once again. I'll be running it up the flag pole, along with another reporter friend of mine, later this week. And I will probably link to it from here, tho it will be of interest only to a specific population, really.

In the meantime... we're surrendering one of our cars to Ford Credit -- the piece of crap Focus -- and that will greatly reduce financial strain. Our reduction in income due to being underemployed (love that buzzword). Thank God for Lexapro, or I'd probably be curled up in the trunk in the fetal position clutching my Focus handbook. As it is, I'm eyeing the tequila and singing, "And she had fun, fun, fun till the repo man took her Focus away..."

If one must surrender her car, one must keep a sense of humor. Or one will run far away. But one can't really run far when one doesn't have wheels, so it's best one just sucks it up and goes on with one's life.

Oh, hell. It's just a car. John's still got that other piece of crap Ford, the Escape (oh, God, if only I could) -- at least for now. We made it with one car for YEARS. We can make it with one car again. Besides, I need to lose 25 pounds before I turn 50, and walking hither and yon ought to assist me in doing just that. And it's been well worth being home, spending time with my teenage son. Precious fleeting moments.

See? Always a silver lining. Always.

Actually, I think it's this blogging thing that has me feeling almost giddy this morning and not giving a hoot about losing the Focus. Maybe it's because blogging has given me a new personal focus (aha! Epiphany!), one that doesn't cost me $3 a gallon every couple of days. But it does give a sense of accomplishment (I've taught myself quite a bit about html, I'll have you know) AND I am writing just about every day.

True, I can't snag a freelance gig to save my soul, but what the bleep.

I'm a Blogger Chick, baby.

Right on.

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Anonymous said...

Get a bike...don't forget the gel seat to save your little tushy some wear and tear! SS