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Monday, August 28, 2006

Church Families & Other Misnomers

I didn't want to do it, but I did.

For my fans out there -- all three of you -- my apologies for you having to now use the Comment Moderation option on my blog. But it seems one of my dear detractors from my other blog, The Independent Eye, found it necessary to spew a little anonymous small-minded venom on The Homestretch, and frankly...it's my flippin' blog, and I don't have to put up with it here. This is a friendly blog. My sanctuary, you might say.

Speaking of sanctuaries, "WCV"(West Central Valley, the school district/area that The Eye, my controversial news blog, covers) stated that I should be ashamed of having my car repo'd (we chose to surrender it actually), and further more, what does my son think? And what does my husband's church family think?

I find those questions entertaining...

My son thinks, "Hey, mom and dad are a little short on cash flow right now. But it was great having mom home for most of the summer -- we hung out a lot together. Things will get better. Every family faces tough times of one kind or another. It could be worse."

What a great, mature kid.

And, as for my husband's church family? We are no longer in the ministry, WCV. But if we were still in the ministry, I would hope our church family would pray for us, asking God to give us the emotional strength and the necessary direction to help us get back on track financially. Knowing that tough times fall on everyone at one time or another, I imagine they wouldn't judge us.

Of course, hind sight and five years in the ministry tells me that while the majority of members of our church family -- our true church family (and we still consider them family) -- would, indeed, pray for us nd not judge us, the other few church "family" members -- and I use the term "family" with my tongue rammed into my cheek -- would probably be thinking along the same petty tracks of WCV's train of thought.

So, frankly, WCV, if you must know, I don't give a damn what people think.

Life happens.


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