"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity." ~ Gilda Radner

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Saturday Night

My, my.


The exciting life I lead.

What? Who is that exciting, strange couple to your right? Why that is me and my dear hubby a few years back at our son's 6th grade Medieval Feast. I thought I should practice uploading images to my blog, and that's the first one I came across -- don't hate us because we are beautiful. It truly exemplifies the mind-boggling good times we have here in Podunk.

Actually, it's been a great weekend. My Sis came up from Des Moines ( I think it's up -- I'm map-challenged) and painted Daniel's room. It looks like a guy's room now, tan walls, complete with goofy sports posters, and empty Gatorade bottles stashed under the bed.

We had a great time just yacking and eating ice cream and laughing about the old days when we were both single and living in that other excitement capitol, Davenport, IA. In the best of times/worst of times category? The New Year's Eve we put a party hat on the cat and clanged pots and pans together in ridiculous revelry out on her second floor apartment balcony. Nevermind that, being Iowans and 60 minutes behind Dick Clark as well as all my friends back in Cinci, Baby New Year had done come and gone to bed. I still laugh when I look at the pictures from that night -- the cat in the hat and all. It don't get any better than that on New Year's Eve!

For my diehard fans -- and I know at least two of you are out there -- I apologize for not having written anything for a few days. I helped my friend Mary move to Ankeny, IA, and stayed for four days as my summer vacation! Some folks go on Alaskan cruises. Others go to Niagra Falls. Me? I prefer Ankeny, IA. If you're ever in Ankeny, check out the HyVee grocery store! Wow! Am I the last one to know that they now make MICROWAVABLE Hamburger Helper? Gotta love the Big City.

But we really did have a blast. Or at least Mary's 21-year-old daughter, Kristin, and I did (Mary had to hightail it back to work). We lounged in our PJs till noon, dined on turkey sandwiches and chocolate Snickers cake, and watched "The Family Stone" and cried our eyes out.

Have you seen that movie? Omigosh! It's labeled a comedy but I beg to diff! All the angst and gnashing of teeth a family goes and grows through. It is almost right up there with some of my other eternal favorite flicks -- if you've perused my profile, you know that The Way We Were, Bridges of Madison County, Something's Gotta Give, are the best in my book. Oops...I might have fogotten to list Thelma and Louise. Saw that movie once a week for 12 consecutive weeks in a row...OK, so I had a little anger issue with men. Even took my counselor and my women's therapy group to see it. Now THERE is a chick flick if ever there was one. In fact, I think Thelma and Louise was THE defining moment in chick flicks.


Got home from vacation, and started digging through old totes in my basement. Found my old junior high diary, my long-lost copy (how appropriate) of Lost and Found Lovers by Dr. Nancy Kalish, and started ruminating how connecting with old boyfriends is all the rage now. I once had the notion that it would be great to gather all -- and I mean ALL -- my old boyfriends around a table -- a big, round table -- and just ask each of them to tell me what they liked or disliked about me back in the day, and why they think it didn't work out. I, of course, have my own theories, but I'd love to hear their sides of the stories. Why, you may ask? Just curious. I want to put my life -- and more to the point, my former love life -- in some sort of perspective. I mean, it can't hurt at this point, can it? Ha! Famous last words. Anyone who has ever dreamed of what it might be like to connect once again with their first true love should read Dr. Kalish's book. And read my short story -- fiction of course, dahling -- that I am bound and determined to write and have published before I die. More on that later.

Well, that's it for tonight. Daniel is at the figure 8 races (wee dogs!) and John is cleaning his mother's basement (always a good time) , and I am blogging my brains out in my little attic writing room. Oh, and yes, I changed the look of my blog. It's easier to read, which at my interesting age of almost 50 is such a blessing! Besides, I had nothing else to do tonight.

Just another Saturday night in Podunk.



Irma said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who cried for an hour after watching the Family Stone-comedy indeed! I'm glad you put your writing shoes back on. I think I would need a few tables for that old boyfriend thing....ah youth, when the warning signs are hidden behind Stuckey's Nut Log billboards! Boy, that will date you(no pun intended). Love, Irma

irma said...

I have to believe that is the funniest picture ever! Kinda shows it all, Love ya, Irma

Anonymous said...

The picture is great...Sister Ann, who would have ever guessed you sly dog you! Love you...SS