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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hey, It's A Compliment...

As a grocery store cashier, I can so relate to making sure the person attempting to purchase alcohol is of age.

However, either this woman is a real looker, or the cashier is a tad overzealous about the letter of the law...

Anyway, it's a compliment to the lady.

I do have a friend, Nancy, who is 70 and looks 45...she is absolutely gorgeous and young looking...

"I'd give my eye teeth to look like Nancy when I'm 70," I sighed to my husband.

"It would have helped if you had looked like Nancy when you were 25," he quipped, planting a big ol' kiss on my olive-drab green Biore Pore Perfect Shine Control Clay Mask-smeared cheek..

Funny guy.

But he loves me, imperfect pores and all.

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Anonymous said...

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