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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Oh, say it isn't so.

Here I sit tonight, stunned, as we all are, by the death of Davy Jones. He was my favorite Monkee.

I mean, sure, I liked Mickey Dolenz, Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork. We all did. (Why else would we sit glued to the TV watching their silly antics every week?) But Davy stole my heart.

Davy was cute. He was nice. He was funny. He spoke with that adorable British accent. He had great hair. And although back then I was just on the cusp of recognizing them as such, he had the most bedazzling, deep brown, bedroom eyes.

Davy was the The Monkees' lead singer.  He was a groovy dancer. He had an infectious smile that made all us young girls swoon.

Be honest now:  Who among us would not have given our eyeteeth to be Marcia Brady when Davy made his guest appearance on The Brady Bunch?

Confession:  I was more than a wee bit jealous of my childhood best friend, Valli, when the Monkees came out with their song, "Valleri" and Davy was belting out her name.

Remember their song, "Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow"? In that song, Davy lamented about having to choose between two girls named Mary and Sandra. I hated those girls, fictitious  though they were. And of course, there was "Daydream Believer". Cheer up sleepy Jean? Really? Oh, that he might one day sing a song about Ann...

I remember one slumber party at Valli's house --  her 10th birthday, I think --  where we all were trying to grab her new Monkees album cover and kiss our favorite Monkee smack dab on the lips.  It was Monkee-mania at its most innocent and untethered, and Valli's mom caught it all on their old movie camera. I'd have to watch that movie again to be sure, but I am thinking Davy got the most smooches that night...

Wow. Davy Jones. Dead at 66. A heart attack. Still can't believe it.

So here I am, glued to the computer, as many of my friends across the country are tonight, watching and listening to Youtube videos of the Monkees, of Davy, reliving the memories, singing along.

At 55,  I may barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning, but I remember to the letter all the lyrics to all the Monkee songs from 40-plus years ago. Admittedly, Daydream Believer is bringing tears to my eyes.

Yes, Davy Jones died today. And with him passed away irreplaceable pieces of our long-ago-youthful, Monkee album-kissing hearts.

Oh, Davy, without a doubt, you were one daydream we were all delighted to believe in.


Anonymous said...

I understand your sentiments. I grew up in a house with a sister who thought it was her duty to transform her room into a Tiger Beat cut-out shrine for the heart throb of the day. Seems Davy Jones was up for the longest time until he got relegated to the walls in the closet so the prime real estate could display the images of David Cassidy. For a time I recall (even though she would deny it to this day) that she tried to adopt a British accent on recess because Davy was the "cute" Monkee.

RIP Davy Jones. For the rest of us, tomorrow will be another day.

rabbity said...

I so agree with everything you say. From the first concert in 1967 to the Royal Albert Hall London on 19th MAY 2011, I have followed and loved every minute.A sad end to something so good.


Annie said...

Oh, Anonymous, you did make me giggle as I remember not only the Tiger Beat posters, but 16 Magazine posters as well. And I willingly admit that my girlfriend, Janet, and I, back when we first met The Beatles when I was 7, would spend our waking hours trying to keep a British accent...John Lennon was her boyfriend; Paul McCartney was mine. Of course.

And to Linda, my goodness! You really have been a devout fan! Good for you!

As my own dear friend, Linda, noted today, Davy and The Monkees also harken us back to a simpler time not only in our personal lives, but in the world. Back when the "world and I were young, just yesterday..." Or so it seemed. Until Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by you two! Drop by again! Thanks for sharing your memories of Davy Jones.