"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity." ~ Gilda Radner

Thursday, October 11, 2012


It's just how we roll here every morning.

I wake up to the inviting aroma of  brewed Donut Shop Coffee, toss back my covers, run downstairs and head for the kitchen, calling out my cheery, signature "Good Morning, Darling!" to Mary, my dear friend and all-of-a-sudden roommate.

Mary, of course, is already working at her computer back in her bedroom, but she inevitably shouts back, "Good Morning, Darling!" and we laugh and drink our coffee and talk about whatever it is we feel compelled to gab about non-stop at 6 a.m.

One of my first mornings here in Myrtle Beach, I was just taking a sip of my coffee when Mary announced, "Get dressed! We're going to the beach to watch the sunrise!"


Watching the sun rise over the ocean was at the top of my bucket list!

I flew upstairs, threw on a pair of capris and a t-shirt and quickly wiggled my feet into a pair of flip flops.

"Hurry!" Mary shouted up the steps. "No time to lose!"

(So thankful for Mary's refreshing, healing, unstoppable "let's go!" spirit.)

We hopped in her white 2008 Sebring, and headed to the beach.

What incredible, spur-of-the-moment fun! Two old friends chasing the sunrise!

Ten minutes later, there we were, flips flops kicked off, running with our chairs past the dunes at the 38th Avenue public beach  access just as the sun was beginning to peek through the clouds on the horizon.

My heart was pounding like a bongo drum! The delicious spontaneity of the moment, coupled with the wild anticipation of finally watching an ocean sunrise was absolutely exhilarating!

We both plopped down into our chairs and watched in silent awe as the stunningly bright yellow orb rose rather quickly over the ocean.

"Oh, my God, Mary! Oh, my God!"

That's all I could utter, softly, as to not disturb the soul-stirring quiet splendor  of the breathtaking early morning light show rippling across the gently rolling waves.

Sheer. Heaven. Inner peace. Contentment.

My salty sanctuary! At last!

Amen! And Amen!

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