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Thursday, June 17, 2010



They all warned me. All my fellow Moody Blues fans/friends told me three months ago...

They said, beware the Moody Blues Meet and Greet. No handshakes. No autographs. No talking.



My IPBS Moody Blues Concert/Meet and Greet tickies arrived this week -- as promised. That is the good news!

And right there in the accompanying letter, the dreaded directive: No autographs. Pictures only. That's the not-so-good news.


I shelled out three Benjamins plus, and ol' Justin Hayward can't sign my ticket stub? Or my old MB Greatest Hits album? My hope -- which had been springing eternal -- dissipated instantly.

Oh, well.

A picture is better than nothing...I suppose.

Hey, shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth...

Wait a minute...I'M the one who gave the gift/donation...

Hope the seats are good...

June 29th. Me and my pal Vick will be heading to Des Moines...yikes-a-roni!

Really? No autographs? Seriously?

Heavy sigh.

Dear Diary...what a fool I've been...

Sniff, Sniff.


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Donna said...

Hey, Just wondering how the Meet and Greet turned out. Some of us are living vicariously through you. Thanks. Donna San Antonio