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Friday, April 03, 2009

Maybe He Didn't Love Our Way

If you've been counting the days till we have Peter Frampton Drink Night down at the new Old School Pub here in Coon, you might want to find something else to set your dreams upon.

Yeah, sorry to say, Peter Frampton -- it appears -- has deactivated his Facebook account. 

He is no longer one of my 50-plus friends. Nor am I one of his 2,000 FB pals.


I think I may have ruined the whole FB experience for PF. And my apologies to not only Peter, but also to those who were so excited to join The Unofficial Unauthorized Iowa Chapter of the Peter Frampton Fan Club. All four of us, or whatever.

We had high hopes of scoring some backstage passes during PF's Iowa State Fair performance slated for this August...

Alas, it looks like we are stuck in the cheap seats.

And I accept the blame.  I blogged about how Peter accepted everyone as a friend on FB, and well,, not to brag, but....

Some folks from all over the globe who apparently were Googling "Peter Frampton" for whatever reason stumbled upon my blog a few weeks ago, and well...I suspect that PF was deluged with FB friend requests...(I have this nifty way of logging where blog visitors are from...it is amazing!)


Maybe PF actually read my blog himself and decided, "That's it, Annie...bad enough you fell asleep at the OU concert back in the 70s, and now THIS? I just wanted to be a regular FB guy...but NOOOOOOOOO."

Sorry PF.

My friend, Sherri, is not to happy with me right now, either. She was groovin' on the whole "PF is my friend" thing (she is from Wisconsin, but we were letting her join the club anyway...). And Melissa -- she was crestfallen today at work when I told her of the disappointing turn of events.

"Aw, we can still have PF drink night at The Pub, can't we?" she cried.

"Of course....there, there," I consoled her. 

But I dunno...it may be too soon. The shock has not yet worn off.

(Come to find out, Melissa is a Moody Blues fan like me...so I'm thinkin', what's wrong with Justin Hayward Drink Night at The Pub? OK, so Mr. "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" is starting to look a tad long in the tooth, HOWEVER....he still has such a haunting voice...but back to PF....)

We all just have to move on, one day without PF as a friend at a time.

My nephew, Aaron, in Des Moines, however, is fine with the whole PF deactivation news.

"If I can be honest," he recently told me, "'Baby I Love Your Way' gets on my nerves. And he abuses his talk box."

I  agreed (just to keep peace in the family), but I had no freaking clue what a talk box was...slang for telephone?  PF talks too much on the telephone? What?

Come to find out its some kind of guitar device or something (hey, I know nothing of guitars...I play the comb, an occasional set of spoons, maybe, and only if I am in the mood).

So, to all Iowa and Wisconsin (and beyond) fans of PF who were sort of thinking it was pretty darn cool to see PF on their FB friend list...my sincere apologies. Diane, I hope this doesn't cause a stir in your neighborhood (they really ARE neighbors).

Yup. I  -- apparently -- nuked Peter Frampton.

There oughtta be a law...


Mike said...

Dear, dear Annie. You know I love you like a sister, however, I might want to call your sanity into question. Did you ever consider that poor Peter was concerned about a (have you ever heard the word?) STALKER!!!!

If I were Peter, I would have been scared to death of all these 40 or 50 something women who have suddenly found my Face Book page want me to be their "friend" while secretly they are preparing to meet me at the Iowa State Fair with granny panties in hand, just waiting to throw them on to the stage!!

I know you meant well and you truly love Peter's music (although I personally think he's a little over wa-waed out). But if I were him, I think an appropriate disguise might be in order as I leave the security of my Cincinnati home, travel to Iowa and begin looking over my shoulder for the blog-fan-gone-wild! This probably would not play well on MTV. Besides, you must admit this is not quite "girls-gone-wild!"

So, think about giving Pete a break and take it easy on Face Book!


annie said...

I know, darling....we over-amped on the PF on FB thing...if you lived out in the middle of freaking nowhere,you might have done the same...MIGHT want to call my sanity into question? MIGHT? I think that's pretty much a given....LOL love, love.....

Anonymous said...

Annie I just read all your recent blog posts, you're an amazing writer. Just wanted to set the record straight, PF and I are neighbors as in Indian Hill/Madeira, not as in 'go next door and borrow a cup of sugar from Pete.'

I'm sure you aren't the reason for his deactivation and if I hear why I'll let you know :)