"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity." ~ Gilda Radner

Sunday, December 28, 2008


My, how time flies whether or not you're having fun!

Where did 2008 go?  Mostly to my hips, thighs and stomach, compliments of menopause and shrinking hormones -- oh, and lack of enthusiasm for exercising. Oh, and lack of any real incentive to stay in shape...

Yes, 2008 (well, actually, starting back in July 2007) has been the year (year and a half) of stress eating. If there was an intense emotion to be felt, I stuffed it with chocolate. And then I took a nap. Look up lethargic on Wikipedia, and there's my pic. 

Add to that sad scenario the fact that I sit 8-10 hours a day at a computer at a rather stressful job...

Anyway, the good news is, I've got a wedding in Cincinnati in June that I will be attending come hell or high water, so if THAT isn't incentive enough to get my rear in gear, I don't know what is. Nothing says, "get your ass off the couch and into your workout clothes" like a wedding back in your hometown.  It's right up there with a class reunion, which has, in the past, always done the trick for me where dieting and exercise are concerned.

The bad news is, I've got a wedding in Cincinnati in June that I will be attending come hell or high water. And,  quite honestly, at 52, even class reunions, let alone weddings,  are losing their lure as incentive to get in shape. It just takes so much time and energy...

What's that old song..."If they could see me now, that good old gang of mine...yada, yada, yada." Well, if they COULD see me right this very minute, they'd say, "Holy crap, girl, where's that sexy babe from your blog pic?" Where has she gone, indeed.

"She" is, I guess one might say,  my alter ego --  the thinner, vivacious, devil-may-care me,  who, with a bit of intense coaxing and the promise of an airplane ticket,  can rock, roll and rally for any back-home occasion. I call her Blythe Spirit. I miss Blythe, her energy, her verve, her tan, her sizzle.

Oh, I suspect she's still here somewhere...somewhere between a bag of Strawberry Twizzlers and a box of carmel ice cream drumsticks. Or maybe she's hiding down between the couch cushions as she lounges about watching a House marathon on the USA channel. Or maybe she's holed up in her attic room, in fetal position, underneath that comfy heated throw her friend Angie gave her for Christmas, her two faithful cats by her side.  That's always a possibility.

Come out, come out wherever you are, Blythe...

I know, I know. That Leslie Sansone "Walk Away The Pounds" video I bought for 10 bucks at Wal-Mart (complete with a stretchy resistance band) does me absolutely no good if I don't stick it in the DVD player and follow Leslie's instructions.

Did I mention, however, that I broke my  toe Saturday?  Yup. The  same left baby toe I slammed into the bed corner two years back. Only this time it was the corner of an antique chair up in the attic.  One might think -- knowing my disdain for exercise -- that I did this on purpose to avoid the aforementioned exercise. Perish that thought pal. Trust me, I may be a person of extremes, but not THAT extreme.

Anyway, truth be known,  I don't really think my toe is broken, I think I just jammed the hell out of it -- it is sooooo black and blue -- and shoes are ouchy. My first thought, of course (after, "Oh, Shittake mushrooms, that hurts", was "There goes my exercise plan!"

I know, I know. I can always do the Leslie Sansone video sans shoes...and just be mighty careful. I suppose I'll give it a shot. I have no choice! I'm just going to have to suck it up and work thru the pain.

'Cuz Good Lord, June is just around the corner. Can I do it? Can I morph back into Blythe Spirit in time for the wedding????

Damn the toe, full speed ahead!  I gotta get movin'!

Stay tuned.... 


Mike said...

Well, well, well. I have never blogged before. So, as the guy on the call in show always says, "first time responder, long time reader."

Merry Christmas indeed. But enought about the I Mac. Let's talk wedding.

As your old pool buddy, and the supplier of your wedding airline ticket (thanks to traveling around the world so you could use all my frequent flier miles), I don't care if you show up weighing 300 pounds! Just show up!

You must understand, it is extremely important you come to the wedding, as we are spending $100,000,000,000.00 for this extravaganza (ok, maybe I exagerate a bit) and we only have 11 people on the bride's side of the church! As for the groom, well, let's just say he has enough people to fill his side of the church, the rest of our side of the church and may ask us to reduce our invitees to 5, so he can have the extra 6 seats! So you see, if you do not help us fill those seats, people may begin to believe the bride is an orphan, adopted by anti-social WASPS who insisted on home-schooling the bride so she would not be able to socialize. The result: 11 people on the bride's side!

Annie, if I may call you that, filling the seats in church is not the only reason you MUST attend said wedding. After all, we need someone with experience to drink enough of the pre-paid alcoholic drinks so we can have a repeat performance of the aftermath of a notable wedding held back in July, 1976. Yes, that's right. We need someone to get completely hammered, get sick all over herself, and then insist upon going through a car wash at 2:00 a.m. in a convertable with the top down so she can properly shower! Now what would a wedding be in our household if you were not there to provide that little bit of nostalgia!

If you need further encouragement, however, to go for the diet and exercise thing (although, I think you look great at any weight), one of the bridesmaids had to get a dress in a size 2! It would have been a size 0, but her bust was too large! Now if that isn't incentive, then I don't know what is. On the other hand, it may just prompt you to write your next blog on how sad it is that the young women in our society feel a need to be nothing but skin and bones!

Well, I am not much of a blogger but wanted to get my 2 cents worth in. BE HERE IN JUNE and, oh ueah, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Billy Brandt said...

Blogger Chick:

Mike's got it right - you NEED to be at the wedding. They want YOU -- the personality, the laugh, the bright eyes and the smile. Anything else you bring along is an added bonus that won't matter.

spend as much or little time with that Sansone lady that you want, but don't ever lose the REAL Annie, the Annie that we all know and love.

You probably don't remember me (it was just a couple times, right?), but I can tell by reading your blog that you've got a lot going on, sort of in an Erma Bombeck kind of way. keep up the good work and live for the sunshine in 2009.

Annie said...

Holy Toledo! LOL. I'm just sayin' that I have a little work to do before June -- Michael, do you really think for one minute I would consider NOT coming to this wedding? She's my deety, dotty, dooty -- she's my "mommy mere". However, must you bring up my wedding reception foibles of 1976? LOL Yikes-a-roni! All I know is I stepped on the scale at the doctor's office yesterday and HOLY CRAP! As for the comments of Billy Brandt...I have absolutely no clue who you are or your REAL identity...but thanks for the encouragement...you guys crack me up!