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Thursday, January 03, 2008



Time for the Iowa Cacuses!

Today is THE day!

Right now, as I blog, Katie Couric is somewhere in Des Moines....and maybe my old college pal (whom I never met, but recall seeing around the OU campus from time to time) Matt Lauer is lurking about our capitol city as well. And Harry Smith. And the list goes on.

Funny, but you can hardly PAY people to come to Iowa most days -- I believe only two of my die-hard cronies have made the trek in the 20-plus years I've survived, er, lived here. But come an important presidential caucus and VOILA!

The state is crawling with media types and, of course, the ever-stumping presidential hopefuls themselves.

I hate to admit this, but for all the years I've lived in Iowa, this will be my very first caucus. From what I understand, we Democrats stand with others who support our preferred candidate, and those whose candidate doesn't get 15% of the total crowd in their corner, as it were, are not considered to be viable candidates. So then those of us whose candidates are viable try to lure, er, convince the others to support our candidates. Then what happens after that I don't know...it has something to do with percentages and delegates and yada, yada, yada.

I'm really just going to make my voice heard as best it can be...

And just who am I caucusing for, you ask.

Obama, baby.

He knew better than to support the war in the first place.

More later.

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